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Residency of Netherlands

The Netherlands has a very attractive program for highly skilled migrants.

Through this program, companies can faster and easily bring workers on special minimum salary levels from outside the EU to the Netherlands.

The highly skilled migrant program is not open to all applicants and companies from outside the EU. To be considered a highly skilled migrant, your employment needs to meet certain requirements.

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Advantages of Residency in Netherlands

Live & Work

A residency permit for Netherlands gives all members of the family the right to live and work in Netherlands

Visa Free Travel

You and your family will have the right to not only reside in Netherlands but also spend an unlimited amount of time in Schengen countries

Whole Family is Covered

A residency permit is issued at the same time to the main applicant plus members of his/her family, including dependent children's

Educaton & Healthcare

Having residence in Netherlands allows you to use high-quality medical services and your children can attend schools and universities

Tax Perspective

The 30% ruling makes even more attractive from a tax perspective

Obtain Citizenship

Living in Netherlands on the basis of this residency visa gives you the right to later claim citizenship after 5 years



The applicant should have a local employment contract with a company in the Netherlands, to be a so-called recognised sponsor.

The contract should have a monthly salary of at least € 4,700 (gross, excluding holiday allowance) if older than 30 years of age.


Monthly salary of at least € 3,381 (gross, excluding holiday allowance) if less than 30 years of age.

Supporting Documents


minimum bachelor


English version


if applying with family, English version


having no criminal record


Applicant signup
Prepration of Documents
Documents verification and residency application submission to IND Netherland
Principal approval from IND and Visa application submission to Embassy in applicant’s country
Grant of entry visa and applicant traveling to Netherlands for collection of his residence permit

Who obtain Residency

The Main Applicant

The spouse and childrens of main applicant

Why Dutch Routes

No hidden fees
or commission

Support up to and after receiving residence

Help in settlement

More than 10 years of experience in migration services

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